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  • Anchor Training

    Want to learn how to add new sources of revenue to your existing practice? We bring you industry experts who take you step by step through their particular are of expertise (e.g., Long Hair Bonding for Women) and give you the training and confidence to expand your practice.

  • Back Office Best Practice

    Do you have a clear picture of what you actually make each month? Are you setting and keeping your goals? Do you struggle with employee issues? Our upcoming trainings will include topics like these that are rarely addressed but so critical to success. In addition to the online training, Shanna Moll Studios has in-salon 2-day intensive one-on-one sessions available.

  • Nuts & Bolts

    Do you struggle with all those things you know you should be doing but just don't know where to get started? Thinkgs like website design, optimizing Google for local searches, Yelp (both free and paid) and the never ending quest for gaining traction in social media? We'll we are here to help with both free training and hands on workshops with instructors who break these often complicated topics into easy to follow steps.